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Importance of Siding

While studs, drywall, insulation and othe components of your walls are essential components, in a world with insects, weather, temperature and other factors a house is only as strong as its outer layer. The siding on a house's exterior is this layer, and it is crucial.

Siding protects against pests, such as mold, mildew, termites and other creatures. These are an especially dangerous threat, since they can cause not only structural damage, but physical harm as well in the form of respitory illness or disease.

carefully chosen siding

Siding is not as simple as choosing whichever variety looks the best. Not only do different types of houses and families have different needs, but homes in different geographic locations will have different climactic needs. Moisture levels will also force you to choose between those types of siding which will protect from condensation and other water-based damage.

Also be sure that the siding you choose is one that you are willing to maintain for a number of years, such as wood. If not, you might want to consider buying siding that requires little care (such as vinyl siding) or that has some maintenance involved (aluminium siding).

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