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Standard Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding Vinyl panels are made of polyvinyl chloride and resemble wood. They act much the same way as aluminum but don't dent. If vinyl is scratched it doesn't need to be painted because vinyl doesn't rust and the color of the vinyl permeates the entire thickness of the panels. Vinyl siding comes in various lengths and widths. The average width of panes is between 6 ½ inches to 10 inches. Standard vinyl siding has 3 components: a nail hem at the top of the panel where the slots are located, the face which is the exposed area of the panel visible when installation is complete, and the buttlock, which is located on the bottom of the panel and locks into the previously installed panel. J-Channels and other accessories can be functional or aesthetic or both. These accents can cover seams, enclose eaves or overhangs, and provide an accent to the siding. Today's vinyl sidings come with lifetime warranties. Often these warranties are transferable if you sell your home.

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